The Tricks of the Cunning Live Security Platinum

The devious Live Security Platinum has been active since early June; however, it would be unfair to say that this infection is entirely new to the public. As a matter of fact, such infamous rogue application’s clones as Smart Fortress 2012, Smart Protection 2012 and Personal Shield Pro can be traced back to 2011, and some could argue that the entire clan is even older. Indeed, the visual representation of the fictitious security tool resembles that of Total Security 2009, a program which, as the name suggests, was developed back in 2009. According to this, it could be responsible to note that Live Security Platinum is an application that has taken years in development, something that leaves me thinking that this rogue could be one tough nut to crack.

The deceptive security tool certainly has no abilities to discover malware hiding within your operating system, so there is no point pondering about its manual threats’ removal capabilities. Despite this, once schemers infiltrate the pest through any of the existing vulnerabilities (fake video codecs, spam email attachments, etc.), Live Security Platinum can declare that such malicious infections as Trojan .Dropper .MSWord .j, Trojan-Downlaoder .VBS .Small .dc, Trojan .Win32 .Agent. ado or Worm .Bagle .CO are rapidly taking over your system. Simultaneously, the rogue may also claim that malware could cause system crashes, permanent data loss and other intimidating and undesirable symptoms. Even though these possible outcomes are scary enough to trick Windows users into trusting the rogue and purchasing its full version (the main program’s purpose), cyber criminals will actually take time to disrupt the system’s functionality. Probable restrictions to access Registry Editor, Task Manager, Windows Security Center and other system utilities could make you think that supposedly detected threats are already taking a toll on your system, but what these dysfunctions are actually meant to do is make it impossible to remove Live Security Platinum. The same download voot mod apk goes with Internet connection and abruptly emerged issues to connect to certain websites or even launch the browser.

Even though various system’s disturbances are essential to the success of the scam, Live Security Platinum would be nothing without its deceptive interface and simulated Task Bar notifications. The latent rogue’s scanner will keep popping up, reminding about allegedly discovered malware, and bogus pop-ups will keep pushing to activate security, protect the system or delete malware, in other words – to purchase the completely useless Live Security Platinum’s licensed version. Those Windows users who will be tricked into trusting cyber criminals’ application will be offered to spend $59.95 for a one year software license, $69.95 for a two year software license or the “attractive” $89.95 for the “Lifetime Software License”. The deception is clear, and if only you tried to apply the license key (AA39754E-715219CE), quickly enough all of the symptoms would be gone, and you would be forced to realize that no malware but Live Security Platinum has ever entrenched upon your system’s security.

Live Security Platinum removal is unavoidable, and even though some will actually be able to remove the infection manually, I believe that there is no other way to deal with the rogue but to have it deleted with automatic malware removal implementations. Not even the most experienced Windows users would be able to protect their operating systems without legal support; therefore, I strongly recommend reconsidering your PC’s protection.


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