The importance Of Addiction Counselling In Long-Term Recovery

Unfortunately, addiction is much more complicated than simply being able to tell yourself “no”. While it is possible to end the use of a substance or a behavior through simply stopping, career quiz for students which is often known as going cold turkey, it is also only a temporary cessation of the addiction for the vast majority of people.

In the central London office, the professionals at Philippe Jacquet & Associates have extensive experience in treating clients of all ages with addiction recovery services. The therapists and counsellors understand the importance of not just temporary stopping the behaviour, but in creating a new way of coping and managing to avoid relapses in both the short and long term.

Addiction recovery is not about a lack of willpower. It is not about simply putting your mind to making a change for the better. It is about learning the root issues that are driving the addiction and addressing these issues. It is also about learning new, effective and positive ways to cope.

One of the most important decisions to be made in recovery for an eating disorder is the selection of a mental health professional. In many cases, a person with an eating disorder may also require the assistance of a medical professional, and this is the priority when health issues are diagnosed.

Even when the individual may be hospitalised for treatment, particularly with anorexia, it is possible to begin eating disorder counselling. For most individuals, this will be a longer process than counselling for other types of addictions, so finding the right counsellor or therapist needs to be a central consideration.

When choosing a mental health professional for eating disorder counselling there are several important areas of focus. Learning about the counsellor or therapist through online research and by meeting with the professional will help you to determine a good fit.

Many counsellors and therapists work with a range of clients with many different diagnoses. It is critical for an individual with an eating disorder to work with a counsellor with specific training in the treatment of these conditions.

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates in central London, counsellors have extensive and specific training in treating clients of all ages with eating disorders. Philippe Jacquet provides both direct counselling services for those with eating disorders as well as providing training to other professionals and consultation to various publications and news stations.

Along with training actual clinical hours working with clients with eating disorders is another critical factor to consider. Look for counsellors with thousands of hours of direct client care to ensure the therapist you select has the experience needed for these often very complex treatment plans.

In addition to experience, ask about the specific methods used in therapy and counselling. Most patients will benefit from a holistic or integrated approach to treatment where the client and the counsellor work to develop a personalised plan. This allows the counsellor to address the specific needs of the client beyond just the symptoms.

For most clients, finding a counsellor offering extended office hours in central London will also be an important factor. Some counsellors, including Philippe Jacquet, offer convenient hours on the weekdays and also offer weekend appointments. They are also able to arrange for bespoke services, meeting clients outside of the office if needed. Finally, they also offer sessions by Skype, a great option for those traveling for work or pleasure.

It will, of course, also be important to consider the insurance accepted by the treatment provider as well as the types of payment accepted. Credit cards make payment convenient for many people are certainly an important option to consider.

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