Shooting Clothing – 10 Tips For Getting it Right

If you’re looking for shooting clothing, you might already know what you need and why, or you might be a complete beginner.

Here are 10 things you should look for when choosing clothing for shooting:

1. There are many types of shooting, so it can be hard to find one set of clothing that does it all.  If you are involved in different sorts of shooting, you may either have to compromise, of purchase more shooting clothing to meet your requirements.

2. Formal driven shooting clothing needs to offer plenty of movement and be comfortable.  In addition it will need to look smart, be warm, and may involve several layers depending on the weather conditions.

3. Rough shooting clothing needs to be tough, breathable and waterproof.  Make sure that it isn’t too long, and that it doesn’t rustle

4. Clay shooting clothing is often colourful.  It needs to be lightweight, and offer lots of movement, so that you can move your arms freely.

5. If you’re beating or picking up, then you’ll be looking for shooting clothing that is thornproof, waterproof, washable and affordable.  You will soon find that your clothing wears out quickly in this role.

6. Your shooting jacket might be the most important purchase you make.  You’ll need to make sure that it fits well, and gives you all the movement you need.  It will need to offer protection from the elements, and have useful pockets.  Waxed jackets are popular thanks to their muted colours, and durability.

7. Breeks are a good idea and are appealing to the mainstream, rather than just the landed gentry.  Breeks are measured from the knee downwards in inches, hence plus twos and plus fours.  Lined breeks are a wise investment.

8. Socks and boots should not be forgotten.  As you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors, on يلا شوت  your feet, you’ll want to make sure that your feet are well protected against the weather and the undergrowth.  Make sure that your boots still provide plenty of grip, even in slippery conditions.

9. Shooting clothing involves other accessories.  Don’ forget that you’ll need shirts and jumpers, as well as cartridge bags, hats and gloves.

10. You might want to scrimp and save, by purchasing cheap shooting clothing, but if you’re really going to enjoy a day in the field shooting, then you’ll appreciate that quality, comfort and durability might be expensive, but it’ll be worth it to you.

Now you know what to look for, if you’re serious about shooting, you’ll know how to be prepared, whatever you’re shooting, and whatever the weather.


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