Selecting a Commercial Heater: Some Things to Consider

When selecting a commercial heater, aesthetical as well as practical considerations may come into play. There are many types of heaters to choose from, according to the particular place and use you intend them for. There are also many heaters that can be customized in terms of color, finish and installation options.

A heater can be used for very different environments. From a small retail shop to a huge mall, from your patio to the cozy corner bistro, the local library or the town hall, your home, your office, a garage or a warehouse – there are numerous types of commercial heaters that will suit your specific heating needs and that will create the perfect environment for your activities.

Commercial heater types a heater may be used for heating space (a building) or water. Here, we shall examine the former. Furthermore, space heaters can also be distinguished by their use in indoor or outdoor environments.

In the space-heating category, there are three basic commercial heater types: propane and gas heaters, coal and wood heaters, and electric heaters.

The first heater type (gas / propane) is mainly used for outdoor spaces, like patios, porches and terraces, where you can sit and enjoy a fresh, crispy autumn evening sipping your tea and watching the birds migrate. They most usually come in the typical mushroom shape, but you can also find them in street lantern or other forms. A bottle of gas is quite cheap, although in recent years gas is becoming increasingly more expensive, at ratios surpassing the cost of electricity. Plus, you have the inconvenience of storing those voluminous gas bottles.

The second type of heater (coal / wood) is the very well-known stove; the fireplace; and, for outdoor use, the chimenea. The best part about these ones is that they can be used both for heating and for cooking or roasting. They are perfect for a gathering of friends or a romantic evening at home, but they are very energy-consuming and need lots of cleaning. Having to buy and store coal or wood is an added disadvantage.

The third type of heater is electric heaters. These come in various types and they are used for many different purposes. They can be portable or be installed wherever you want them. You should seek a heater that can be easily installed and is easily cleaned. Some other considerations for selecting an electric heater are:

– Do they need pre-heating or do they instantly heat up?

– Does the heat spread over the whole area or can it be directed towards an intended spot?

– Do they operate in a silent, low-noise or high-noise mode?

– How many heaters of this type would you need for a given space?

– How safe is it to use, if you were to consider the persons usually circulating in a given area? Pets, toddlers and/or children are not supposed to mess around with the heater – is it located at a safe height or distance from them? Are cables running free on the floor, where somebody might trip over them?

– Do they include frost protection?

– Do they include options for different settings, i.e. full heat, half heat, or automatic controls based on ambient temperature? This can save you tons of money on your electricity bills.

Save the Planet with a Commercial Heater?

A heater can yield huge energy-saving benefits, should we choose the type that best fits our installation and should we look carefully for features that allow less energy consumption. While climatic change is no minimal issue to keep in gas heaters mind, saving on the cost of fuel is equally important for your well being.

– Look for control systems that allow you to adjust the heat according to the varying temperatures. Be sure that the room temperature remains stable and does not fluctuate, which would result in increased energy consumption.

– Radiant heaters provided localized, focused heating, and are therefore better for larger or outdoors areas.

– Adjust all complimentary pieces of heating equipment to operate in conformity with the settings of your heater: the various sensors, timers and other controllers should be adjusted to work along and complement your heating solution.

A wisely selected heater will make your premises a most welcoming place for your friends, family or customers – and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to buy, install or maintain it.

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