PlayStation 3 Prices For Christmas Holiday Shopping 2009

Christmas is right around the corner, and kids all over are making out their wish list. The one item that is most likely to be on that list is the PlayStation 3 gaming console. For parents not too familiar with gaming consoles, finding the perfect PlayStation 3 can be difficult. There are five different types of Playstation3 consoles, each offer something unique for the gamer. All prices listed are in the general ball park of what the average cost is for each console.

The PS3 120GB system, provides the gamer with free PlayStation network membership, built in Wi-Fi and 120 GB of hard drive memory. This PlayStation 3 is great for beginning gamers, offering them what they need to get started with their curiosity of gaming. This gaming console is priced at $299.99.

The PS3 Entertainment Value Bundle is the next step up offering your choice of console, choice of PlayStation 3 game, Sony Blue-ray remote, and your choice of a Blue-ray movie. This gaming console can play any CD  game stop near me or DVD in your child’s media collection. It comes with a dual shock wireless controller, PlayStation network membership, and is Internet ready. The vertical stand and 120 GB memory card is not included for the price of $369.00.

The PS3 Gamers Choice console can be found at the price of $399.00. This gaming console includes your choice of console, choice of game, Sony dual shock 3 controller, and Sony Blu-ray Remote. This system does come with an 80 GB memory, PlayStation membership, and is Internet ready. This console is capable of playing any CD or DVD media in your library.

The PS3 console includes everything you need for the ultimate home entertainment experience. Every PlayStation 3 comes with a built-in Blu-ray player to give you the best high-definition viewing and gaming experience and pristine picture quality. Plus, the PlayStation 3 can play your entire catalog of CDs and DVDs.

For the Guitar Hero fans, Sony’s PlayStation 3 Ultimate Rock Bundle can be found at the price of $349.00. This gaming system includes your console with hard disk storage, dual shock 3 wireless controller, PlayStation membership, and is Internet ready. This PlayStation 3 gives you the choice of which rock band kit you want, and the Guitar Hero World Tours latest installment.

The last console in the PS3 series is the 160 GB with bonus uncharted Drakes game. This gaming console can be found priced at $399.00. This PlayStation 3 includes the Drakes Fortune game, dual shock 3 wireless controller, voucher for downloadable PAIN game, PlayStation membership, and is Internet ready. This gaming console can also play all your media library CDs and DVDs.


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