Whether you’re interested in live chickens for sale or just looking to buy some farm fresh eggs, you can’t go wrong with farm-raised produce!

Eggs have always been a staple food in every house around the globe for decades. Chicken farms have mass produced these eggs for a hungry public, and eggs are good for the body since they are rich in minerals and vitamins. Eggs are also a very good source of protein, and this is a good reason why people may want to produce their own eggs.

Factory Chickens – The battery hen system for chickens was banned for animal cruelty, and this is where most mass produced eggs came from. Today chickens are housed in massive warehouses cramped together in batches exceeding 20,000 at any time. This type of factory farming is unnatural and caused hundreds to die of infections and wounds because of overcrowding. You don’t maine coon kittens for sale near me want to buy any live chickens for sale from a factory farm.

Steroids – The eggs that people buy in stores today are usually from these warehoused chickens. However, the general public is not told that this type of factory farming requires that the chickens be fed hormones and chemicals in order to keep them alive in this unnatural environment.

Of course, what the chickens eat naturally passes on into the eggs. The chickens are fed a chemical substance, which is similar to human steroids.

These chemicals pump up the body and increase the volume of eggs the chickens can lay, which puts traces of the chicken steroid into the eggs.

Free Range – Free range eggs are different than normal store-bought eggs. The first indication you’ll notice is that the egg yolk will be unusually bright, a sunny yellow or even bright orange. Free range eggs have a higher content of natural minerals and vitamins and contain no chemicals. The free range chicken is able to walk around and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. This gives them the ability to extract natural minerals from the ground.

If you find a sign at a free range farm stating “Live Chickens for Sale,” then you’re going to be able to take advantage of chickens and eggs that are much more healthful than anything you can get at the store!

Chicks for children – Chicks make lovely unique pets for children, if a household were to get six chicks and allow a child to play with them and hold them now and again, the chicks will respond to that child, even when the chicks are older and begin to lay eggs, they will still have a sort of recognition of that child.

Chickens at home – indicates other people in the area are breeding their own chickens and enjoying cheap and healthy free range eggs. A store-bought chicken coop is excellent for keeping free range chickens at home. They are light and easily movable, and provide a warm, safe place for the chicken to lay her eggs.

External chicken coop – Chickens only need a small space, and a small patch of land with a 1.5m high fence around it is perfect. There is no need for a roof even with cats in the area, and if a cat does get in, most of the chickens will attack the cat. They will even catch and eat mice!

Care of chickens – Chickens can basically take care of themselves. Just ensure they have water and feed every day when collecting the eggs. Chickens are possibly the easiest animal to keep.

Farm fresh eggs – Providing healthy eggs for the family and encouraging children to grow up with animals without the risk of steroid poisoning is an awesome idea. Healthy free range eggs can give children a chance to grow up naturally, and provide a cheap source of protein. Children can also learn how to care for the chickens.

Watch for signs that say “Live Chickens for Sale,” because it means that you’ll be able to bring home chickens or eggs that have received the benefit of lots of sunshine and fresh air.

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