Celtic Knot Engagement Rings for men

Mens wedding rings by the craftspeople of the Tacorian family typify the expression “old wine in new bottles.” Tacori engagement rings and other fine pieces of wedding jewelry – which include palladium wedding bands, celtic knot engagement rings and more – combine tungsten rings tradition and contemporary style in ways that are unique, yet difficult to appreciate unless one has actually seen them. The entire Tacori line of mens wedding rings and jewelry are one-of-a-kind pieces that represent the pinnacle of the jewelers’ craft.

Space Age Materials

Although mens gold wedding rings remain as popular as ever, new space age materials are rapidly gaining in popularity. Tacori is among the those jewelers who have pioneered the use of such materials in their line of tungsten carbide wedding rings and palladium wedding bands. Tungsten was long used as filament material in old-style incandescent light bulbs; when alloyed with carbon, it is the stuff of rock drilling equipment. Palladium is an exceptionally hard and durable metal; with a melting point of nearly 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, it is both highly scratch and tarnish resistant. Unlike gold, which for all its luster is relatively soft and requires regular polishing, Palladium and tungsten-carbide jewelry will last for generations, making these pieces wonderful heirlooms.

Lasting Tradition

The Tacorian family’s roots are in Armenia, the culture of which is very ancient and holds tradition in high regard. However, when it comes to Tacori engagement rings and other pieces, those traditions are not limited to the Caucasus region. Celtic knot engagement rings are among Tacori Jewelers’ more popular products.

Although there is no historical nor anthropological evidence to indicate that Celtic knot patterns were ever anything more than decorative, they remain a cherished motif on women’s and men’s wedding rings.

The Tacorian family appreciates the contemporary as well; their pieces blend the clean, Machine Age influence of Art Deco with the baroque filigrees of Edwardian décor to create wedding jewelry that is truly one-of-a-kind. Incidentally, one of the unique features of this company’s wedding jewelry pieces is that they are sold without gems mounted in place; therefore, Tacori mens diamond wedding rings do not actually include a diamond. The reason is that Tacorian jewelers believe that the customer should select the gem of his/her choice prior to mounting – yet another reason that Tacori engagement rings and wedding pieces are truly unique.

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