Building Permits for Steel Buildings

Many people believe that creating a small building or shed by hand does not require you to have a permit for the build. I would advice caution as to that belief is false. Even if the storage shed is as small as 5×7 foot a permit is still required. If deciding to still continue the build, rather than purchasing from a quality shed manufacturer, it is strongly advised that you obtain at first the codes that you have to abide by as well as a community building inspector to inspect your work. There have been several times where the structure was just not up to par, of course without an inspector checking it, and was either blown over by a strong wind, sank to the ground, or a collapse of the roof happened when someone was inside. Here are some thoughts before deciding to build that small building or shed to house your expensive RV or asset. Manual J 

If you have ever looked at a code book online or offline you can easily see right away, as you open up the document, that there is a lot to abide by. There are tons of sections relating to the mechanical, electrical, etc. that have to be read before the planning stages. Once you have read over the hundreds of documents and after careful planning of how you are going to build your small shed you then still have to send it into your town officials to get approval. It could take weeks to get your proposed building site approved by them and those weeks would dramatically delay your project even more. These officials are not to inspect the codes but are needed to help ensure that your proposed building site will not be standing on anything of importance such as hazards or on your neighbor’s property line.

Leave the small building or shed construction up to the professionals and let them worry about abiding by the codes while designing it. There are tons of small Steel Buildings that you can purchase from manufactures that don’t need any assembly at all and can be just dropped in place to wherever you want it. If you were to build a shed without getting a permit it could lead to your community making you move the shed or even tear is down completely. Think of all that hard work you put into it making it the way you want it but then later to find out the lighting inside was wired wrong or the structure was not good for anything over 40 mph winds. The codes are there to help and guide you, not to prevent you from building what you want.

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