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Beginner Golf Clubs – How to Pick Your First Club

Beginner golfers are faced with a major concern coming into the game of golf.

They are faced with questions like:

How am I going to learn how to play this sport?

What type of equipment do I need to get started? Where am I going to find this equipment? How much is it going to cost to start?

Golf requires striking a golf ball with a club. Thus, to get Vclubshop started, a player may simply need one golf club and a ball in order to play. Although, not the most effective way of playing an actual round of golf. Many avid golfers have kick started their golfing career on a single 7 iron.

In order to have fun with golf, limit the frustrations, it is a good idea for the golf club to fit you in length, flexibility and weight.

It is good to keep in mind that all golf clubs are probably going to feel a little awkward at first. After all, you are putting a foreign object in your hand and learning something new.

The first thing and most important thing to consider is the length of the golf club. A basic rule of thumb is taking a 7 iron and standing it upright next to your waist. If the club reaches your waist line, then you have an adequate golf club to begin to learn golf.

The second thing is flexibility. This what golf club manufacturers call shaft flex. This is a little more difficult to determine for a new player. Club shafts are often marked with letters ranging in scale from L, A, R, S, & X. L being the most flexible and X being the stiffest. Preferably try starting out with a club that’s a little more flexible.

Odd clubs often end up at the Goodwill and you Vclubshop can pick one up for under 5 bucks. New beginner packages can range from $149 to $299 for entire sets of woods, irons, putters & bag. The Goodwill isn’t a bad place to “test” out a club for next to nothing in investment.

Just make sure you check the length so that you don’t try with something too short or too long. If you start with something that is too far off, you may wrongly think that golf is not for you.

True club fitting is actually a very involved process. There are a number of variables to consider between you and a club fitter with motion and equipment. When you find out golf is for you then you can go through the entire fitting process. Often times your local golf driving range will have “loaner” or rental clubs to use while at their facility. Many times a range attendant or professional will be on site to help you to pick out the proper club to try in your first encounter “whacking” golf balls.

There are many new programs by the PGA of America called  that allow new players to learn with professional instruction Vclubshop at a very economical rate. In a beginner program such as this or in a clinic with your local pro, they can help you better determine a good single practice club to help get you started. Most programs do not even require that you have your own equipment. You’ll just want to make sure to find something to practice with on your own.

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