Barnes & Noble Nook – World’s First Android Based Ereader

eBook Readers are considered as a revolutionary step towards an environment-friendly gadget world. It is a handy digital device which can store hundreds of eBooks and one can read them any time as per the convenience. Mostly eReaders are compact and lightweight that solves problem of storing huge array of favorite books and magazines which one wants to carry for all time.

eBooks provide a golden opportunity for readers to access large variety of books at same time and eBook Readers are perfect vehicle to carry and read these books in an easier and organized way. eBooks, also known as Electronic Books, are usually in a word processor format or PDF file that can be e-mailed and delivered anywhere by virtual means. Not only ebooks, an eReader can also store eNewspapers, eMagazines, pictures and images as well.

These days eBook Reader market is gaining considerable amount of steam and Barnes & Noble’s Nook is hoping to be the best among them. Nook is the first eReader by Barnes and Noble and in short span of time, it has reached among top favorites list of almost all book reading enthusiasts.

Nook is high on demand because of its innovative and advanced features. It provides access to over 1.5 million titles exclusively available at Barnes and Noble. controlled digital lendingThis first Android-based eReader comes with 2GB internal memory capacity to store 1,500 books, newspapers and magazines. If more space is needed, just add a Micro SD card to it and its ready to store more.

Owning a Nook provides access to download more than 500,000 eBooks for free; courtesy Barnes & Noble.One can download latest releases, eBooks, eNewspapers, and eMagazines at a fast speed via AT&T 3G wireless connectivity or Wi-Fi.

This eReader provides a better reading experience than its competitors. It has a beautiful color touch screen display with one touch control and navigation. Its most advanced E Ink Vizplex electronic paper display makes text appear as crisp as a printed page. It also sports a 16-level gray scale display which offers great contrast with no glare or backlight.

Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary is the pre-installed dictionary for Nook. This eReader also allows lending books to friends and others for up to 14 days at a time. One can share and send favorite eBooks to Nook or any PC, Mac OS, Blackberry phones, iPhone or iPod touch with free Barnes & Noble eReader software downloaded on it. It is the first eReader that allows ”digital lending”.

One can also customize this device by saving personal screensavers with standard JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP images. With Nook’s powerful battery, one can read for 10 days without recharging with wireless access off, which is more frequent as compared to others. All other Nook features are very similar to what other eReaders have.

With so many innovative features, Nook acts just like a library which can be taken anywhere wanted. Maximize your reading and shopping experience with Nook by ordering it online at discounted prices with Barnes and Noble coupons!

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