Backpacking Water Filters – A Quick Review Of The Top-Rated Models

Choosing a backpacking water filter that will work well for you on your hiking trip is essential. Your backpacking water filter should be easy to service and easy to use, and it should stand up well to the wear and tear it will get on the trail. Most importantly however, is its reliability to protect your body from potentially harmful bacteria, organisms, and contamination. If you’re looking for the perfect filter, start by summarizing what camping water filter reviews are saying about some of the top brands and models currently on the market:

Katadyn Vario

The Katadyn Vario generally gets good reviews because you can use one core for faster filtering or another for a more durable filter. The carbon core means your water always tastes fresh and clean, and the pump is one of the more affordable ones on the market. The Vario may not stand up well to rough handling, though, so if you don’t want to baby you water filter a little, a more rugged option might be for you.

Aquamira Frontier

This straw style filter system is great for a personal filter. You don’t have to pump or wait for water – it’s ready when you need it. Although you can’t filter water for cooking, it can be a good option if you just want an easy filter for using during the day. It filters a little slowly, so you won’t get mouthfuls of water at a time, but it’s definitely one of the simplest and least expensive portable filtration solutions available.

MSR Hyperflow

The Hyperflow is a popular backpacking water filter from the well-known and trusted company, MSR. The HyperFlow features a microfilter that’s easy to clean in the field, and it has a pre-filter that makes the replaceable filter last longer than many of the other options. The filter is easy to use, as well, though it may take more practice at first because it isn’t as intuitive as other pump style filter designs.

MSR Miniworks

The Miniworks is one of MSR’s lightest-weight filters zero water filter clogged on the market, but it can filter for several people, as well. This filter pumps up to a liter per minute, and it has a convenient snap-on lid for standard sized hiking water bottles to keep you from wasting water. The filter is a little fragile, so you’ll want to carry an extra and be careful when servicing this filter in the field.

These are just 4 of the many backpacking water filters that have been proven over time and received a lot of positive reviews from users. Though there are quite a few other options available, you can not go wrong with any of these and choosing the one that’s right for you ultimately comes down to personal preference.


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